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Recent Visit to Zambia

August 23, 2017

Twelve people from South Africa, Botswana, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Honduras formed the largest team ever to Zambia. We brought a lot of materials like musical instruments, and were ready to have various activities. School Activities LLH teamed up with a school to arrange English, music and dancing classes taught by volunteers. We also organized a game day. Teachers and students participated and played happily together. Feeding Program As many students walked a long way to school and had no food, LLH raised a program to distribute food to them. The feeding program was greatly welcome. The school told us that because of this act, students attended school more regularly. In the beginning, each student was given a deep-fried dough. Later, each of them could have an egg, a bread and a cup of juice. LLH team members helped to distribute the food and witnessed the joy of the students. We added one more day of food distribution so as to give more warmth, satisfaction and happiness to the children. Dancing Class The students were very active. They loved dancing particularly. LLH volunteers taught them South African dance and many others things. They were quick learners and could dance like the South African way. Meeting with the Education Department The new principal met the new executive of Ndola Education Department and gave him a briefing on the LLH services in CPS during these years. The executive appreciated us very much and wished that we could broaden the scope of our work in Ndola. Musical Activities We brought along recorders and katos and presented them as gifts to the school. Training was given to teachers so as to equip them to teach. We hope that by learning musical instruments, the students could have more fun and their talents could be developed. English Class The English standard of junior students was not good so the volunteers told stories and sang nursery rhymes to guide them to study. Although they had limitation, they still talked with us zealously in simple English. Colorful Balloons Day The school appreciated our visit very much and invited us to take photos with a.m. section students. On the same day, we distributed balloons to all students. The scene was brilliant and joyous. Not only the students, but also the principal and teachers were excited. Visited the Sponsored Students Together with local LLH co-workers, the volunteer team paid a visit to the sponsored students to know more about their families and studies. The students treasured that they could continue their studies and thanked LLH for it. Mingled well with the villagers LLH team lodged in the village and lived under the same roof with the villagers. We were strangers to them at first but soon the barrier was broken. The relationship blossomed quickly especially with those children who always tailed after us. When we left, one of them was so sad that he even shed tears.

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Recent Visit to Zambia

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Twelve people from South Africa, Botswana, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Honduras formed the largest team ever to Zambia. We […]

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